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its been a good ride but it has to come to a end im afraid. Next year is my Final year of high school and im going to have to study hard to complete all the exams and shit, then after that im going to have to get a job and enter the real world :(

Sorry to all my (few) fans that enjoyed my voice acting , but im moving onto bigger and better things :).
i'd like to thank Crazymonkey154 for allowing me to voice in madness hunt 2 and mad-thirst, ( im still unsure if im going to voice in mh3), and all the awesome ppl i have met here, Ngangsterpimp, ttaisawesome, Hii111(sorry i will not to voicing in your animation),Littleluckylink, and of course, crazymonkey154.

Its been a good year, lets hope 2011 is better :)

peace out guys, never forget me :(

boss30 {2007-2010}


today i am officially 16 years old, so i can go for my learners :D

Sold out, Sold out everywhere

2010-10-17 18:25:32 by boss30

The other day, I was going to pre-order call of duty black ops hardened edition. But wherever I looked, they were sold out. Thankfully , Ebgames Australia"s website has a couple of copies left. :)

Todays The Big Day

2010-09-22 04:16:32 by boss30

Why i put caps at the start of every word idk, i like doing weird things :S

So, if you haven't noticed, today is Madness day '10. and here is mad-thirst

Enjoy Madness day guys, it comes around only once a year

wikiporn (tits included)

2010-09-15 04:32:52 by boss30

while browsing on wikipedia i found this on the elder scrolls III page

please discuss ( or fap, if your a sick minded fuck)

wikiporn (tits included)

Break into the Asylum

2010-09-03 22:18:16 by boss30

today i got Disturbed's newest album ''Asylum'' and i have to admit its pretty good. I hope they tour in Australia because then that would be awesome :).

has anyone else bought the new album???, please discuss

Break into the Asylum

Status update and my voice acting

2010-08-18 18:21:03 by boss30

well guys, its been a while since ive submitted a news post. Madness day '10 is just around the corner and i am going to be voicing in colins madness day animation, its called madthirst, a spoof of the powerthirst videos. If you would like to see what else ive voiced in, the only other thing ive done is voicing the deputy and the agents in madness hunt 2 so if you need a voice actor and cant find one, send me either a pm here or email me at, because i would really like to expand my voice acting skills and im happy to do anything whether its the main character or just one line.

In real life news, i changed schools cause i felt depressed like shit at my other school and it turned out for the better, plus its just near where i live so i can just walk home and shit.

thanks for listening guys


Its out

2010-07-07 22:09:56 by boss30


Any day now

2010-07-06 21:38:47 by boss30

Madness Hunt 2 is going to be submitted to ng any day now , we are just fucked about the file size (11.3mb).

so fellow ngers do you have any ideas into getting MH2 on newgrounds?

p.s asking tom is not an option as Colin has to go to some school trip thingie on the 16th of July and he is not allowed internet there for 2 weeks.

so enlighten us

Its almost time

2010-06-11 05:00:38 by boss30

9 months ago ( september 2009), i accepted the role of the Deputy in Crazymonkey154's madness hunt 2. Now 9 months later he is on the verge of completing it. Crazymonkey has to be one of the nicest, easygoing and funniest people i have ever met on this site and i would like to say it has been a pleasure working with him :). So collin ( if that is your real name) i thank you for everything that you have done for me in the last 9 months because no one else would of gotten me to voice act in any of there flashs due to my crappy quality mic XD. so yeah be sure to watch madness hunt 2 when the time comes :)

In other news, i have lost 7 kilos ( like 14-15 pounds) in the last month .so a round of applause for me

here is a crappy ms paint before and after

thanks for listening guys

EDIT: I am now also voicing the agents

Its almost time